The museum is continually expanding its searchable catalogs in an effort to increase access to the world-class collections in our care. We invite you to explore these ever-growing catalogs and stay tuned for new ones in the near future. 
Fish fossil

The Condon Fossil Collection Digital Catalog contains more than 60,000 specimens from Oregon's premier paleontological research collection. Once you arrive at the catalog site, simply enter your query into the search box at upper left. 

10,000-year-old sandals from Oregon's Fort Rock Cave

The Northern Great Basin Archaeological Perishables Catalog features fiber and wood artifacts from some of the continent's oldest cultural sites.

Basket, Western Oregon, ca. 1896. Artist: Te-Tenis-Tunis (Jennie Michelle), cattail, bear grass, wool, sea grass.

Explore the museum's Native American Ethnographic Basketry Collection, which includes more than 1900 baskets and represents the technological and artistic achievements of diverse peoples and cultures from the 1800s to the present.