The museum has been a major force in the archaeological research of the Pacific Northwest and Great Basin since the early 1930s. Over the last 40 years the museum has focused on aiding federal, state, and local agencies, private engineering firms, and utility companies in meeting their obligations to identify, protect, and manage cultural resources affected by project development.
The museum's research staff conducts field inventory surveys and site assessments to evaluate National Register status. We provide guidance regarding the protection and management of cultural resources, including data recovery excavations, laboratory analysis, and descriptive reporting. The museum is also dedicated to synthetic interpretation of research results and has a considerable record of publications, professional papers, and presentation of research results in museum exhibitions. 
  • Archival/records research and context statements
  • Archaeology of pre- and post-contact North American sites 
  • Reconnaissance and monitoring
  • Archaeological site evaluation
  • Historical architecture documentation and evaluation
  • Design of mitigation strategies
  • Data recovery excavations
  • Ground-penetrating radar mapping
  • GIS mapping and modeling
  • Human osteology
  • Faunal analysis
  • Macrobotanical analysis