Dive into water, our planet's lifeblood. These videos and activities will inspire creative thinking about Earth's water sources, and how we can care for them well into the future. 
Water World is also available in Spanish.



Wonderful Water
Discover water's amazing qualities through these fun, at-home experiments!  


Ocean Heroes 
Melati and Isabel Wijsen are sisters living in Bali, and when they were 10 and 12 years old, they started an organization called Bye Bye Plastic Bags to inspire their community to say NO to plastic bags, which are harmful to the ocean's animals and ecosystems. Learn more about this amazing pair, and about how you can start a Bye Bye Plastic Bags team of your own!


Chasing Big Ice 
In this three-minute video, you can explore icebergs, ice melt, and global climate with University of Oregon oceanographer Dave Sutherland. 


Rethinking Human Waste 
Check out this three-minute overview of container-based sanitation, or CBS, and its role in a new "poop cycle" that benefits humans and their water resources. 

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