Paleontology Collections

The paleontology collection contains fossils from all continents, including several specimens from the Ediacaran of Australia and from the Cretaceous of Antarctica.

Long known as the Condon Museum, the paleontology collections include the personal fossil collection of Thomas Condon, first professor of Geology and Natural Sciences at UO in 1876.

Most of the specimens are fossil mammals, although significant numbers of other vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, and microfossils are also housed. The majority of fossils are from Oregon, including:

  • The John Day Fossil Beds
  • The Oregon Coast
  • The Oregon Coast Range
  • The Juntura Area

Fossils are curated to support research activities and to provide examples for teaching and museum exhibits. We are constantly adding new specimens to our collection, both from donations and new fieldwork.

For more information, inquiries, or research requests, contact one of the co-Directors of Paleontological Collections: Greg Retallack, at (541) 346-4558, or William Orr, at (541) 346-4577,