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Oregon—Where the Past is Present

Welcome to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, where 15,000 years of human history and 200 million years of geology are at your fingertips.

Museums are places of wonder, essential to the cultural fabric of modern human societies. A good museum is cherished by the communities it serves, a center of research and education, a magnet for tourists and other visitors, a purveyor of history and knowledge to the broadest possible audience, and the protector of our common cultural heritage.

We invite you to visit us in person, or experience highlights of our collections in the web galleries.

Current Exhibits

From a nineteenth-century working-class family in Portland to a Chinese mining community in Jacksonville, this exhibit tells the stories of five historical sites recently excavated by museum archaeologists.

Oregon - Where Past is Present

Experience 15,000 years of Northwest cultural history and 200 million years of geology. Realistic environmental displays portray four geographic regions of Oregon, each a different time in history and a different season of the year.

MNCH, in collaboration with Oregon Folklife Network (OFN), showcases the work of two awardees from the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program: cornhusk weaver Kelli Palmer and her apprentice, Joy Ramirez.  The Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, initiated by OFN, supports the sharing of traditional arts betwee

The students in this course explored geology by examining rock types, bedding features, cooling fractures, fault zones, features of weathering and coastal erosion, and more. At the same time they learned the mechanics of shooting good photographs, from depth of field and composition to basic tools of post-processing.