Masks of Africa


Mwana Pwevo Mask

Chokwe or Lwena Peoples

Mwana Pwevo Mask: Chokwe or Lwena Peoples

Chihogo Mask

Chokwe People

 Gelede Mask

Yoruba People

Gelede Mask: Yoruba People


Ngaady a Mwaash Mask

Kuba People 

Ngaady a Mwaash Mask: Kuba People

Kpelie Mask

Senufo People

Kpelie Mask: Senufo People

  Helmet Mask

Igbo People

Helmet mask: Igbo People


Deangle Mask

Dan-We People

Deangle Mask: Dan-We People

Pwo Mask

Chokwe, Lwena or Related Peoples

Pwo Mask: Chokwe, Lwena or Related Peoples

Mbuyu Mask

Pende People

Mbuyu Mask: Pende People

 Ntomo Mask

Bamana People

Ntomo Mask: Bamana People

Ntomo Initiation Mask

Bamana People

Ntomo Initiation Mask: Bamana People

Mulwalwa Helmet Mask

Bushoong and Kete Peoples

Mulwalwa Helmet Mask: Bushoong and Kete Peoples

Belt Adornment

Bamun People

Belt Adornment: Bamun People


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