Explore Oregon with the MNCH Collections Team

The museum is home to extensive collections ranging from fossils to musical instruments to taxidermy to ancient footwear. Visitors to Explore Oregon can see highlights of these collections at our new Scientist Video Station, or right here on our website:

Jensen Arctic Collection
Journey into the Arctic with Jensen Collection curator Roben Itchoak.

Grand Hands
Explore the museum's Grand Collection with anthropologists Frances White and Andrea Eller - and find out why it's such a rich resource for primate research.

Sabertooth Salmon
Go deep! MNCH paleobiologist Edward Davis shares recent discoveries about Oregon's ancient giant salmon.

Flesh Eaters

Learn about the museum's tiniest emplyees, and how they're helping us build an important bone collection.

Scanning the Past
The Museum of Natural and Cultural History teams up with Oregon Imaging Centers to get a new view on the ancient sabertooth salmon.