Wolf Talks

Join us for a trio of talks celebrating wild wolves and their relatives in Oregon and beyond. WOLF TALKS are included with regular admission; they’re free for members and UO ID card holders.  All talks take place from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the MNCH Galleria.

Monique Udell and a canine friend

Thursday, September 14
Exploring the Human-Canine Bond 
Scientific debate surrounds the human-dog bond. Join Oregon State University psychologist Monique Udell (pictured at left) for a discussion of domestic dogs and their wild counterparts—and investigate the factors that make domestic dogs' social behavior unique among canines.

Thursday, November 9
Kalapuya Stories 
The wolf is a central figure in Kalapuya world origin stories. Join Coos and Komemma Kalapuya Tribal member Esther Stutzman as she shares her Tribe's stories of Mother Wolf, Coyote, and more.   

Thursday, December 14
Oregon’s Wolf Management Story—the Fun, the Sad, and the Fascinating
In a human-dominated landscape, wolf management is a controversial subject that's often focused on social issues rather than on the wolves themselves. Join Russ Morgan, Wolf Program coordinator for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, for a wolf-centric talk exploring the biology, natural history, and moving stories of Oregon's wolves.