Sylvia Giustina

Sylvia was born and raised in Eugene, and she received her M.A. in Italian and Spanish from the University of Oregon.  She is a retired instructor of Italian (UO Department of Romance Languages). She was first introduced to the museum in the mid-1980s by a former student, Patricia Krier, who is now the Director of Public Programs at the MNCH. Sylvia is currently co-chair of the Museum Advisory Council. She spent six years in Rome working for the U.S. government and studying Italian. She says her involvement with the MNCH has changed her focus from foreign to Native cultures, both within and outside the United States. Reflecting on her years of involvement with the museum, Sylvia says, “I can hardly believe the ascent the museum has made over the years, from the time when the current building was just being built, to the present, when articles on MNCH research regularly appear in major publications.”