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Oregon: Where Past is Present
Guide to the Plants of the Wallowa Mountains of Northeastern Oregon by Georgia Mason, 438 pages, 2001
William O. and Jayne Bowerman Hall Ethiopian Collection, 50 pages, 2000
Archaeology at the University of Oregon Vol. 3 Ten Years After: The Oregon Coast Archaeological Survey, 1990-1999, Winter 2000
Archaeology at the University of Oregon Vol. 2, No. 2 OSMA Research Unearths Stories of the Past, Winter 1999
Archaeology at the University of Oregon Vol. 1, No. 1 Archaeology at Oregon, Spring 1998
Macedonian Bridal Costumes by Carol Silverman and Ronald Wixman, 17 pages, 1983
The Life in the Sea by Ralph Buchsbaum, 101 pages, 1958
Pacific Coast Earthquakes by Perry Byerly, 38 pages, 1952

No. 25 An Early Pliocene North American Deer: Bretzia pseudalces, Its Osteology, Biology, and Place in Cervid History. Eric Paul Gustafson. 75 pages. May 2015.
No. 24 Type Specimens at the University of Oregon: Fossil Vertebrates and Plants. Eric Paul Gustafson and Joyce Eaton. 11 pages. March 1983.
No. 23 The Vertebrate Faunas of the Pliocene Ringold Formation, South-Central Washington. Eric Paul Gustafson. 62 pages, 31 figures. March 1978.
No. 22 Guide to the Geology and Lore of the Wild Reach of the Rogue River, Oregon. William B. Purdom. 67 pages, 4 plates, 31 figures, 7 maps. May 1977
No. 21 Guide to the Geology of the Owyhee Region of Oregon. Lawrence R. Kittleman. 61 pages, 4 plates, 36 figures, 3 maps. September 1973.
No. 20 An Approach to the Study of Far Western North American Prehistory: Early Man. Luther S. Cressman. 11 pages. August 1973
No. 19 Journal of First Trip of University of California to John Day Beds of Eastern Oregon by Loye Miller, 1899; edited by J. Arnold Shotwell. August 1972
No. 18 Smilodonichthys Rastrosus, a New Pleistocene Salmonid Fish from the Western United States. Ted M. Cavender and Robert Rush Miller. 44 pages, 14 figures. March 1972.
No. 17 Pliocene Mammals of Southeast Oregon and Adjacent Idaho. J. Arnold Shotwell. 103 pages. August 1970
No. 16 The Oligocene Marine Molluscan Fauna of the Eugene Formation in Oregon. Carole Jean Stentz Hickman. 112 pages, 14 plates, 4 figures. August 1969
No. 15 Item Seriation as an Aid for Elementary Scale and Cluster Analysis. LeRoy Johnson, Jr. 46 pages, 19 figures. September 1968.
No. 14 Miocene Mammals of Southeast Oregon. J. Arnold Shotwell. 67 pages, 33 figures. August 1968.
No. 13 Historical Background of the Flora of the Pacific Northwest. LeRoy Detling. 57 pages, 6 figures. July 1968.
No. 12 Plants of the Three Sisters Region, Oregon Cascade Range. Orlin L. Ireland. 130 pages, 34 figures. April 1968. OUT OF PRINT
No. 11 Fossil Talpidae (Insectivora, Mammalia) from the Tertiary of Oregon. J.H. Hutchison. 117 pages, 98 figures. July 1968
No. 10 Refinements in Computerized Item Seriation. W.B. Craytor and LeRoy Johnson, Jr. 22 pages, 6 figures. March 1968
No. 9 Late Tertiary Geomyoid Rodents of Oregon. J. Arnold Shotwell. 51 pages, 28 figures. November 1967
No. 8 Geological Map of the Owyhee Region, Malheur County, Oregon. L.R. Kittleman and others. Scale: 1/2 inch = 1 mile. September 1967.
No. 7 The Museum of Natural History: Its Own Story. 20 pages. 1967.
No . 6 Ethnomalacology and Paleoecology of the Round Butte Archaeological Sites, Deschutes River Basin, Oregon. Ernest J. Roscoe. 20 pages, 4 figures. July 1966
No. 5 Peromyscus of the Late Tertiary in Oregon. J. Arnold Shotwell. 35 pages, 11 figures. June 1967.
No. 4 The Archaeology of a Late Prehistoric Village in Northwestern California. Frank C. Leonhardy. 41 pages, 17 figures. March 1967.
No. 3 A New Archaic Cetacean from the Oligocene of Northwest Oregon. Douglas Emlong. 51 pages, 15 figures. October 1966.
No. 2 Notes on Some Upper Miocene Shrews from Oregon. J.H. Hutchison. 23 pages, 17 figures. October 1966.
No. 1 Cenozoic Stratigraphy of the Owyhee Region, Southeastern Oregon. L.R. Kittleman and others. 45 pages, 9 places, 11 figures. December 1965