Mammoths at the museum

Help us bring Oregon's natural history to life.

Mammoths at the Museum mockup

Mammoths at the museum 
Mammoths are among the most amazing of Oregon's ancient megafauna – and they're especially close to our hearts here at the MNCH. In addition to the world-class assemblage of mammoth fossils in our collections, exciting new research on these fascinating mammals is unfolding right here at the museum, with paleontologist Greg Retallack’s recent documentation of ~50,000 year-old mammoth footprints at Oregon’s Fossil Lake.

Be part of a mammoth undertaking! 
To celebrate these iconic animals and the museum's ongoing tradition of cutting-edge research, next summer we'll install two life-size mammoth sculptures in the MNCH courtyard. Check out the mockup above to get a sense of the future sculptures' placement and impact. They'll enhance the educational landscape of the courtyard and heighten public visibility of MNCH research, collections, and exhibitions. They'll also delight thousands of visitors annually, teaching them about climate change, evolution, extinction, conservation, and other critical stewardship concerns.

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