Little Wonders - Stories and Activities for Preschoolers

Learn and Play! You and your child are invited to join us for stories and fun including crafts, songs, games, and museum exploration. Each month, we present a different theme and a different set of hands-on activities.

Second Friday of the month, 10:30 a.m.

Little Wonders is included with regular admission and is free for MNCH members. Families presenting Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards are admitted at a reduced rate through the Museums For All program.

Each participating family gets 10 percent off museum store purchases (15 percent off for museum members). The store carries a variety of fun and educational gifts – including the Little Wonders book lineup! 

Girl gluing crafts     Boy examining fossils     

Upcoming Little Wonders:

January 11
Astounding Architecture

Does your child like to build, design, and tinker? Join us at the museum for story time and activities to bring out our inner engineers and architects.

February 8
Fabulous Feathered Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Come learn about the ones that soared overhead through a story, crafts, and other fun activities.

March 8
Fuzz, Fur, and Feathers!

Animals keep themselves dry and warm in very different ways than humans. Instead of clothes, they use heavy hides, shiny scales, and fuzzy feathers. Learn all about it through a story, crafts, and other hands-on fun.

April 12
Rapid Rivers and Sleepy Streams

We are lucky to have lots of fresh and free flowing streams, rivers, and creeks here in Oregon. Through a story, crafts, and games, we'll learn about the wonderful ways that water sustains us and the world we live in.