Little Wonders - Preschool Program

Learn and Play! You and your child are invited to join us for stories and fun including crafts, songs, games, and museum exploration. Each month, we present a different theme and a different set of hands-on activities.

Second Friday of the month, 10:30 a.m.

Admission is $5 per family (up to 2 adults and 2 children).  Admission is free for MNCH members. Each participating family gets 10 percent off museum store purchases (15 percent off for museum members). The store carries a variety of fun and educational gifts – including the Little Wonders book lineup! 

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Upcoming Little Wonders:

Little Wonders Craft

June 10
Outrageous Owls

Hoot! Hoot! Did you know owls can see in the dark? And hunt mice just by sound? Find out what makes these birds so special and join us for some truly "owl-some" stories and crafts!

July 8
Ancient Animal Olympics

Let's celebrate the Olympic Trials with our very own Ancient Animal Olympics! Move like a mammoth, crouch like a sabertooth cat, and make your won gold medal to take home.

August 12
Backyard Critters

There are more bugs in the world than any other creature. What types of bugs do you see outside your house? Come to the museum to learn about bugs, search for some in our native plant courtyard, and create your own bug crafts.