John Beaulieu

During his formal education (B. S. Geology, University of Washington; Ph.D. Stanford), John contributed fossil specimens to the University of Washington's Burke Museum and curated the museum at Stanford. He then served as an Assistant Professor of Geology at the University of Oregon before going on to become Deputy Director and State Geologist at the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (1970-2003). During his career, he produced numerous publications for the state. John has has been a registered engineering geologist in Oregon for 40 years, and he was an invited speaker at the UN-sponsored policy and technical meeting in Japan after the Kobe Earthquake. He spends his time golfing, traveling and visiting children and grandchildren with Kathy, his wife of almost 50 years. As a MAC member, John would like to help create new field opportunities related to the museum's Condon Collection, engaging the public, higher education, and field scientists in new partnerships.