Ideas on Tap

Quench your thirst - for beer and for knowledge - at Ideas on Tap, the museum's pub conversation series. Enjoy Claim 52 beers and thought-provoking discussions about science, ecology, history, and more. 

First Wednesday of the month
6:00 p.m.
418 A Street, Springfield

April 5
Living With Livestock
No matter what you eat-- or don't eat-- your life is interconnected with the lives and deaths of livestock animals. From consumer products to pollution, we'll explore with UO philosopher Erin McKenna the interconnections and consider how we can develop respectful relationships with these vital creatures.

Interested in alternative sources of protein? Craft Crickets will be onsite to sample local, sustainable crickets and share information about the backyard cricket farm movement.


May 3
Rethinking the 'Mystery' of Easter Island
Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is known for its giant statues-- and for its stark lessons about human induced environmental catastrophe. But what exactly are those lessons? Drawing on a decade of groundbreaking research, UO anthropologist Terry Hunt paints a surprising picture of the island's deep past and the remarkable culture that flourished there.

Admission is free. Food and beverages are available for purchase.

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