UO Courses

Museum staff members regularly teach courses through the departments of Anthropology, Arts Administration, and Geological Sciences. For registration information, please contact the appropriate department directly:

Lisa Clawson, undergraduate coordinator
lclawson@uoregon.edu or 541-346-5103

Geological Sciences
Shari Douglas, undergraduate coordinator
sharid@uoregon.edu or 541-346-4669

Arts Administration
Maia Howes, office coordinator
mhowes@uoregon.edu or 541-346-3639


Selected course descriptions

Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project, Archaeology Field School

(ANTH 408/508)

This course focuses on doing archaeological excavation by training students in proper techniques and methods within the context of professional ethics. Intensive field training is integrated with attendant lectures on the archaeology, environment, and ethnography of the Northern Great Basin region to impart a thorough understanding of how excavation is conducted and the historic information it reveals. The setting in the Northern Great Basin offers a rich environment for studying late Quaternary climatic and hydrologic changes and the effects of these changes on vegetation cover, geomorphic processes, and soil development. In addition, the region has experienced the effects of volcanic eruptions, faulting, and wind action. The effects of these on the archaeology of the region are a major focus of discussions.

Oregon Archeology (ANTH 344)

This course focuses on the archaeologically-derived cultural history of Oregon Native Americans. Lectures are organized by region, integrating archaeological evidence with environmental, ethnographic, and historic records. Throughout, attention is also given to the means and the methods by which interpretations are developed. The course is team-taught by the museum research staff and highlights many of the archaeological investigations conducted by the museum.

Other relevant courses:

Fundamentals of Archaeology (ANTH 340)

Zooarchaeology (ANTH 471)

The Cultural Museum (AAD 410)