Geophotography Fall 2014

The students in this course explored geology by examining rock types, bedding features, cooling fractures, fault zones, features of weathering and coastal erosion, and more. At the same time they learned the mechanics of shooting good photographs, from depth of field and composition to basic tools of post-processing.

Marli Miller and students
Dr. Marli Miller, at far right, with her students from the GEO 199: Geophotography class, Fall 2014.

Dr. Marli Miller is a tenured Senior Instructor of Geology and an accomplished photographer. Her images appear in most American introductory geology textbooks, the permanent collections of several museums, and on the covers of numerous journals and books. Miller is the author of the second edition of The Roadside Geology of Oregon, and she curated and provided images for the MNCH exhibition Road Trip! The Roadside Geology of Oregon.


Anthony Downey

Brittany Rosenthal

Buck Nelson

Caity Wineland

Linda Brown

Lisa France

Mary Ellam

Rachel Anderson


This course and exhibition were made possible by a generous grant from the Williams Council.

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