Let's Talk Food

We'll have conversations with Oregon food writers every third Thursday in March, April, and May. Join us for a new series exploring food and culture in Oregon and beyond. Sponsored by Oregon Humanities. 

Third Thursdays in Spring at 5:30 p.m.

Author Jennifer Burns Bright

March 16

Fish Tales: Traditions and Challenges of Seafood in Oregon
with Jennifer Burns Bright
Oregonians love the wild beauty of our 363 miles of coastline, but finding truly local seafood can be hard, even on the coast. The US imports approximately 90 percent of its seafood and ships out nearly as much to the global market. Why aren’t we eating more local seafood, now that preserving and distribution technologies are the most sophisticated they have ever been? Why do we consider seafood more a delicacy now than it has been in the past? Join Jennifer Burns Bright for an exploration of our relationship with sea foods, and of local traditions around harvesting and consuming the ocean’s bounty.





Author Kristy AthensApril 20

Good Food, Bad Food: Agriculture, Ethics, and Personal Choice
with Kristy Athens
Oregon boasts a multibillion-dollar agricultural economy that includes both industrial agriculture and small-scale efforts like community supported agriculture (CSA), farmers’ markets, and community gardens. These smaller, community-based efforts are on the rise as means to nurture community and create local and autonomous food systems. Kristy Athens invites us to explore our food choices and their impacts. Are our food choices as consequential as we'd like them to be? Can we significantly shape our agricultural systems by voting with our dollars? 





Author Jennifer RobertsMay 18

Stone Soup: How Recipes Can Preserve History and Nourish Community
with Jennifer Roberts 
Jennifer Roberts invites us to explore historical and contemporary recipes--and to consider how they work, why we collect them, and who we write them for. Together, we'll examine how recipes can help us connect and create communities across time, distance, and culture. Participants are encouraged to bring any treasured recipes they’d like to share with the group.



The conversations are included with museum admission; free for members and UO ID holders.