Shall We Dance — Photographs by Brian Lanker

June 25 -December 15, 2009

From the controlled beauty of classical ballet to the vivacity of salsa, dance can be found in nearly every culture on Earth.

Shall We Dance is the result of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Lanker's year of travel across the United States documenting the huge variety of styles (from tap to tango salsa to swing) and dancers he encountered.

The MNCH is pleased to offer the public the opportunity to purchase signed and framed Brian Lanker photographs from our recent exhibition of selections from Lanker's 2008 book, "Shall We Dance?"  Proceeds from the sales of the photos will benefit the museum's education and exhibition programs.  Lanker was a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist who worked for the Register-GuardLife magazine, National Geographic and Sports Illustrated.   He died at the age of 63 from pancreatic cancer in March 2011. 

Image dimensions: 20 in wide x 13 inches high. Frame dimensions: 30 inches wide x 24 inches high. Framed with a 3 inch acid free white mat, black laminated 1.5 inch frame and museum quality glass. All images ©Brian Lanker Archives.

  Price: $950 each.

 To purchase one of the photos below, please contact:  Ashley Robinson at (541) 346-5331 or

Available photos:

 1) Lynorris Evans

 Lynorris Evans


2) Moses Pendleton

Moses Pendleton


3) Yasmin Marinaro and Coco Arregui

Yasmin and Coco


4) Noriko Takahashi

Noriko Takahashi


5) Ian Nugent and Irene Motyl

Ian Nugent and Irene Motyl


6) Lacey Persell and Tanne Dawson

Lacey Persell and Tanne Dawson


7) Willy "Po Monkey" Seaberry

Willy Po Monkey


8) Aly Hull and Zachary Hill

Aly Hull and Zachary Hill


9) Ruple Ross and Joel Arellano

Ruple Ross


10) The Rockettes



11) T. Dudley and Laurie Soechting

T. Dudley


12) Emma Gorelik and Mehdi Ghadimi


Emma Gorelik


13) Thomas "Tommy the Clown" Johnson

Tommy the Clown


14) Laurel Keen

Laurel Keen


15) Ben Rich and Akemi Kinukawa

Ben Rich


16) Diane Kowalski and Wes

Diane Kowalski


17) Patricia West Sotelo and Ramon Ramos Alayo

Patricia West Sotelo


18) Joint Forces Wheel Chair Dance

Joint Forces


19) Jason van Winkle and Candy Kuhl

Jason van Winkle


20) Irene and Aracell Guzman & Claudia and Fernando Pelayo

Pelayo Guzman


21) Erotic Dancer

Erotic Dancer


22) Stella Boes

Stella Boes