PaleoLab - Oregon's Past Revealed: Whales of Deep Time

January 29 - June 14, 2010

Fifty-four million years ago, after the extinction of dinosaurs, the earliest known relatives of whales lived on land.

These four-legged ancestors were far different from the hairless streamlined swimmers we call whales today. Over millions of years, the bodies of these early ancestors adapted to life in the water. Learn about these transformations as you explore the evolution of these fascinating creatures. In a working paleontology lab visitors will be able to observe and visit with specialists as they prepare and conserve fossil specimens for the museum's Condon Collection. Visitors of all ages will also have the opportunity to "find" a specimen and take it through the steps a paleontologist uses to bring fossils from the field to the museum.

visitors at Paleolab—Oregon's Past Revealed: Whales of Deep Time