Atlas of Yellowstone Exhibit

Exhibit Description

The Atlas of Yellowstone exhibit, a joint project of the University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History and the Department of Geography’s InfoGraphics Lab, is now available for free digital download!

Inspired by the book, Atlas of Yellowstone (, the exhibit features world-class cartography, vivid imagery, and a video exploring the natural wonders of the world’s first national park.

From landscapes to wildlife to the human presence in Greater Yellowstone, the exhibit illustrates the region's magnificence while demonstrating the importance of scientific research. Its content supports learning in history, geography, geology, biology, cartography, design, and more. The exhibit, like the atlas itself, is organized around four themes:

  • Yellowstone is important as a place, to both the nation and the world
  • Interactions of humans and nature immensely influence Yellowstone 
  • Yellowstone is connected across many scales and locations 
  • Yellowstone is dynamic, changing over time periods that range from eons to hours



Exhibition Features

The exhibit is FREE to qualifying institutions and includes up to 34 interpretive panels, 6 works of art, and one interpretive video, courtesy of the National Park Service. Select and dowload the items you want to display based on the needs of your institution. The exhibit can be modified to suit spaces from 38 to 120 linear feet in size. 

Additional support is available to accompany this exhibit, including interpreter training materials, curator visits, and presentations. For more information, contact Elizabeth White, MNCH Exhibitions Designer, at (541) 346-8020 or


Exhibition Information Packets

Download Exhibition Prospectus

Download AOY Preview Packet

Download AOY Digital File Info Sheet


A Step-by-step guide to showing Atlas of Yellowstone

  1. Review the full exhibit description, guidelines, and preview packet.
  2. Fill out and submit the Request to Download Atlas of Yellowstone Form. Please provide as much detailed information as possible.
  3. Wait for approval from a museum representative. You will receive a link to access the files in Dropbox.
  4. Select items to download, print, and display. Choose based on educational content and linear space needs. Review panel information, dimensions, and print guidelines in our preview packet.
  5. Print panels in-house or send files to your favorite local printing service.
  6. Display Atlas of Yellowstone in your institution’s exhibition space!