Programs in Your Classroom

Get your students excited about Oregon history, biology, culture, and the scientific method. The museum comes to you!

Program Options
Our programs are rooted in National and Oregon State Standards. 

Animals of Ancient Oregon
Explore the skulls and teeth of a saber-tooth cat, mammoth, dire wolf and more. Students visit activity stations to discover the importance of teeth in predicting an animal’s diet. Students will see, touch, and physically experience how teeth are adapted for specific foods.

Fun with Fossils
What can fossils tell us about the life and landscapes of Oregon’s past?  Fossils are valuable learning tools when you know how to “read” them.  Students will practice the scientific method and see, touch, and make predictions about real fossils.

Artifacts as Primary Sources
What do artifacts tell us about how people have lived in Oregon for thousands of years?  We’ll bring artifacts to your classroom for students to touch and investigate.  This popular activity discusses the history of Oregon’s diverse Native cultures.

Geographic Regions of Oregon
Learn about the diverse regions of Oregon with hands-on, inquiry-based discussion and exploration that will focus on the environment and Native cultures of each of the four Oregon Regions.  Students will create a map of Oregon's regions with corresponding artifacts and ecofacts. Recommended for 4th and 5th grades.

Registration and Information
To schedule a visit in your classroom, please complete a Classroom Program Reservation Form.

Programs are $45 per visit.  Discounts apply when more than one program is scheduled at the same school on the same day.

Programs are offered Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Each lesson is approximately 45 minutes.

For more information contact the Museum Educator at (541) 346-5019