K-12 Programs at the Museum

The museum welcomes students of all ages, ability levels and backgrounds to explore exhibits and participate in hands-on learning. Pre-registration is required. Programs are taught by knowledgeable museum guides and are designed to meet National and Oregon State learning standards.

Interested in checking out the museum before visiting with your students? Contact the Museum Education Coordinator at (541) 346-1694 or mnhtours@uoregon.edu for a free educator pass.

Planning your visit

  • Guided programs are available Tuesday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Cost is $2 per student (one chaperone is required and free per 10 students) for groups affiliated with a school.
  • A maximum of 30 students is allowed per group (slightly larger groups can be arranged upon request).
  • Programs last 60-90 minutes and have a variety of hands-on activity options.


    Thanks to generous support from Pacific Continental Bank, scholarship funds are available to cover admission and bus transportation.  Any school with at least 50% of students eligible for free or reduced lunch may apply for a scholarship. 

    Reservation & Scholarship Forms 

    Please register at least two weeks in advance. Scholarship applications must be submitted along with reservation forms. 

    Reservation Form (online)

    Reservation Form (download)

    Scholarship Application (download) 

    Program Options

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade
    Explore Oregon
    Students explore Oregon landscapes and the culture and history of Northwest Native societies.
    Choose one of three hands-on activities:

    1. Camas Oven: Help build a replica of a camas oven and “cook” camas bulbs, once the most important food staple of Western Valley Native cultures.
    2. Storm Boy: Listen to the story Storm Boy and wear capes like the book’s characters, while learning the importance of oral traditions among Native peoples.
    3. Fun with Fossils:  Be a scientist! Handle and classify items like a mammoth tooth, lion bones, and volcanic rocks.

    3rd-5th Grade
    Oregon Archaeology Detective
    Students become “archaeology detectives” as they examine artifacts and uncover clues about Oregon's past.

    Fossils - Fact or Fiction?
    Students learn about fossils and other natural materials, like rocks and animal bones, in this hands-on activity.

    6th-12th Grade
    Cultural Scene Investigation
    Students inspect artifacts and consider oral traditions as they try to reconstruct a cultural scene. Facilitated conversations during the exhibit tour help students uncover additional information and test their hypotheses.

    Parking Information
    The museum is located just east of the intersection of E. 15th Avenue and Agate Street, on the University of Oregon campus. Parking is available in lot 34A in front of the museum (on E. 15th Avenue). The museum provides parking passes for visitors upon arrival. If this lot is full, there is free 2-hour parking one block east of the museum on Moss Street as well as on Villard Street. Large buses may park on the street in front of the museum as long as a driver remains with the vehicle. Virtual maps of the University of Oregon campus are available online.