Darwin Days at the MNCH
The Museum of Natural and Cultural History's annual Darwin Days celebration is held in February at the University of Oregon. In honor of Charles Darwin's birthday, the celebration brings notable scholars from around the country to present on topics in evolution, ecology, and related fields. Join us for the 2015 conversation series, or check out the videos from last year's series, below.

Darwin Days 2015: Darwin Conversations
5:30 p.m.
Thursdays, February 12 and 19
175 Knight Law Center, 1515 Agate St., Eugene
The museum invites you to a special panel series exploring species, ecosystems, and conservation in Oregon. Admission is free.

    How will climate change affect Oregon's wild salmon populations, and what can you do to help these iconic species recover to historic levels? Join the conversation with Ryan Branstetter and David Graves of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and Kathy Lynn of the UO Environmental Studies program's Tribal Climate Change project.
  • OREGON'S WILD HORSES, February 19
    Mustangs have few natural predators and are protected under federal law. Today, thousands of wild horses are kept in holding facilities. How should Oregon's wild horse population be managed? Join the conversation with Scott Beckstead of the Humane Society of the United States, Rob Sharp of the Bureau of Land Management, and Oregon Public Broadcasting's Vince Patton.

Darwin Days 2014
Intimate Relationships – Environment, Climate, and Evolution

Sex and the Single Sloth: A Darwinian Valentine
Greg McDonald
National Park Service’s Senior Curator of Natural History
February 14

Wolves in Oregon - History, Ecology, Conservation, Coexistence
Dr. Cristina Eisenberg
College of Forestry at Oregon State University
February 26