Oregon - Where Past is Present Image Index

Barbed Harpoon Tips
from Whalehead Cove, Curry County

Barbed Harpoon Tip Detail

Obsidian Wealth Blade
Rogue River Valley, Jackson County

Obsidian Wealth Blade Detail

Net Weights
John Day Reservoir, Gilliam County

Net Weight Detail

Carved Bone Effigy
Tillamook County

Carved Bone Effigy Detail

Stone Adze Blades
and Antler Wedges

Stone Adze Blade Detail

Braided Sagebrush Rope
Paisley Caves, Lake County

Braided Sagebrush Rope Detail

Projectile Points of Varying Ages
South-central and southeast Oregon , Lake, Deschutes, and Harney counties

Projectile Point Detail

Carved Stone Lamp or Bowl
John Day Reservoir, Gilliam County

Carved Stone Lamp or Bowl Detail

Digging Stick Handles
Willamette Valley, Yamhill County

Digging Stick Handles Detail

Beaded Bag
Warm Springs

Beaded Bag Detail

Cedar-bark "bucket"

Cedar-bark "bucket" Detail

Wall Pocket

Wall Pocket Detail

Carrying Basket, by Bud Lane
Siletz, 2000

Carrying Basket Detail

Fishing Creel


Fishing Creel Detail

Conical Burden Basket

Western Valleys

Conical Burden Basket Detail