Tamasay Necklaces

Bead Necklaces, detail 

Glass Trade Beads

Glass Trade Beads, detail

Ostrich Egg Shell Beads

Ostrich Egg Shell, detail

Bung or Lingling-o Necklace

Bung or Lingling-o Necklace, detail

"Jade" Necklace

"Jade" Necklace, detail

Turquoise and Heishi Shell Necklace 

Turquoise and Heishi Shell Necklace, detail

Paper Ula

Paper Ula, detail

Dentalium Shell Beads  

Olivella Shell Beads

Trade Beads and Duiker Hooves Necklace

Trade Beads and Duiker Hooves Necklace, detail 

Ivory Necklace

Ivory Necklace, detail

Ceramic Bead Necklace 

Ceramic Bead Necklace, detail 

Glass Beads and Teeth Necklace 

Glass Beads and Teeth Necklace, detail

Mediterranean Beads

Mediterranean Beads, detail 

String of Gastropod Shells

String of Gastropod Shells, detail

Seed and Shell Necklace 

Seed and Shell Necklace, detail