Current Exhibits

Many Nations—Oregon Tribal Flags

Oregon is home to nine independent tribal nations. Journey into the history and meanings of each nation’s flag. 


Strung Together - Beads, People, and History

Strung Together celebrates beads and beadwork from around the world, spanning thousands of years and six continents. Blending items from our anthropological collections with works by contemporary artists, Strung Together invites you to discover a world of stories behind the beauty of beads.


Explore Oregon

Experience the dynamic forces that shape Oregon’s landscapes, climate, and ecosystems. Meet the sabertooth salmon, the giant sloth, and other amazing animals from across the millennia.


Oregon - Where Past is Present

Under Construction!
Grand Reopening Weekend - November 5 and 6 
Delve into Oregon’s story, from the first Americans at Paisley Caves to the dynamic cultures of today’s tribes. This newly enhanced exhibit combines interactive technology, hands-on experiences, and world-class collections—showcasing 14,000 years of Oregon stories, and inviting you to tell your own. 

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