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  • MNCH director Jon Erlandson joins Smithsonian archaeologist Torben Rick for an emergency assessment of cultural sites threatened by climate change. The LA Times covers the story.  
  • The groundbreaking work of MNCH archaeologist Dennis Jenkins was highlighted in the September-October 2014 issue of Archaeology Magazine.
  • The Bend Bulletin spreads the word about Explore Oregon to central Oregon readers.
  • MNCH paleontologist Edward Davis discusses fossils, climate, and the new Explore Oregon exhibit on Jefferson Public Radio.
  • The Woodburn Independent highlights local fossils on display in the new Explore Oregon exhibit.
  • KEZI 9 News reporter Grace Lim joins us live on Explore Oregon's opening day.
  • KLCC reporter Rachel McDonald tours the new Explore Oregon exhibit hall with MNCH's Ann Craig.
  • KVAL's Tom Adams digs into Explore Oregon.
  • The Register-Guard gives a preview of our new natural history exhibit hall, Explore Oregon, opening May 30.
  • Highlights of the Jensen Arctic Collection opened at the MNCH in May 2014, and the Register-Guard's Randi Bjornstad was here to cover the story.
  • The Register-Guard and the Daily Emerald covered the recent Climate Change Resarch Symposium, co-sposored by the museum and the UO Climate Change Research Group.
  • Crosscut features the work of museum archaeologist Dennis Jenkins, whose Paisley Caves research has redefined theories about Oregon's first human communities.
  • The Statesman Journal reports on MNCH's adoption of the Jensen Arctic Collection.
  • A study by UO researcher Nicholas A. Famoso and MNCH paleontologist Edward B. Davis suggests that evolutionary changes in equine teeth are likely attributable to a changing climate. Read about it in the Equine Chronicle or in New Zealand's HorseTalk
  • Tripadvisor's vacation rental site, FlipKey, recently selected the MNCH as one of the Top Museums Worth Traveling For in the U.S.
  • National Geographic reports on a 13,000-year-old infant burial - with input from MNCH archaeologist Dennis Jenkins - and what it reveals about the First Americans.
  • The Register-Guard's Diane Dietz discusses wine grapes and climate change with MNCH paleontologist Greg Retallack.
  • MNCH scientist generates a three-dimensional printout of a rare sabertoothed salmon fossil, and Oregon Public Broadcasting covers the story. You can also listen to Northwest Public Radio's broadcast about the printout, or read about it in Library Journal.
  • The Register-Guard reports on the museum's 2013 Dig It! Fall Family Day.
  • Artist Ray Troll painted two large-scale murals in the new Explore Oregon! exhibit hall, and KVAL News was here to cover the story.  


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Photo Gallery

Oregon Outback Tour 2012

The Museum of Natural and Cultural History is more than its exhibits or collections; it's more than the ground-breaking research being conducted by our staff or the educational programming it offers to students. This museum is a community - and an amazing one at that.  Take a look at our new photo gallery and you'll see some of the wonderful people that make MNCH such an incredible place to be!


Explore Oregon!
The Explore Oregon exhibit hall opened in May 2014, representing a major expansion of the museum's public exhibition space and its coverage of the Pacific Northwest's natural history. Learn about the exhibit - and the inspiration behind it - through this short video.

Luther Cressman: Quest for First People
In the 1930s, archaeologist Luther Cressman made a series of discoveries that shocked the scientific world. They included a cache of 75 sagebrush sandals that proved to be the oldest shoes ever found. He believed people were in the Americas far earlier than most researchers thought possible. Today, modern science may finally prove him right. In 2014, Oregon Public Broadcasting produced a special Oregon Experience episode devoted to Cressman. 

75th Anniversary Video
In 2010 the museum celebrated its 75th anniversary. A video was commissioned to mark the occasion. It also provides a wonderful introduction to the museum.