Museum Advisory Council

Founded in 1989, the Museum Advisory Council (MAC) promotes and supports the mission of the museum through raising community awareness, building membership and attendance, and advising the executive director and staff on outreach and development strategies.    

2016-17 MAC members 

Dwight Collins
Margaret Conover
Alec Dakers
Carole Daly
Stuart Garrett
Jill Gelineau
Sylvia Giustina
Bill Hall
Kathryn Hutchinson
Patty Krier
Donovan Mack
Andy McWilliams
Lee Michels
Marli Miller
Martin Pernoll
David Piercy
Ty Zeller


Executive Committee

Ty Zeller, chair
Don Mack, immediate past chair
Sylvia Giustina, chair emerita
Ann Craig, staff liaison

Ex officio members

Jon Erlandson, Executive Director, MNCH
Erin Hart, Associate Director of Development, MNCH