About the MNCH


The Museum of Natural and Cultural History (MNCH) is Oregon's primary repository for anthropological and paleontological collections. Officially created in 1935-36, as the Oregon State Museum of Anthropology and UO Museum of Natural History, the museum celebrated its 75th birthday in 2010-11. It has its roots in 1876, however, when Thomas Condon joined the University of Oregon as one of its first three professors. Condon brought an extensive fossil collection to the UO, later known as the Condon Museum or Condon Collection. Today, as the premier natural and cultural history museum in the State of Oregon, the MNCH is home to hundreds of thousands of ethnographic and archaeological objects, fossils, and biological specimens from Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and around the world. Samplings of these collections are available in our web galleries

With over 50 employees, the museum is a center of interdisciplinary research and education, serving the UO campus community, K-12 students and teachers, and the wider public in Oregon and beyond.